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Xiamen Port opens 3 new berths for foreign trade shipments

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: January 21, 2022 L M S

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A container ship berths at Haitong wharf in the Haicang Port area of Xiamen Port in Xiamen, Fujian province. [Photo/WeChat account: xiamen_swj]

Three berths at Haitong wharf in Haicang Port area of the Xiamen Port in Xiamen, Fujian province passed the certification process put forth by the provincial port on Jan 19, and are able to berth foreign trade container ships on a regular basis.

The three berths, namely No 4, 5, and 6, are stationed along the 1,022-meter coastline in Haitong wharf. The No 4 berth on the southern coastline is a 70,000-ton container berth. The No 5 and 6 berths stationed on the eastern coastline are a 50,000-ton container berth and a 20,000-ton container berth.

The three newly opened berths, when cooperating with surrounding berths such as the No 3 berth, will enable the Haicang Port to berth three 200,000-ton container ships at the same time.

Haitong wharf boasts a superior location, coastline and deep waterways, which is essential to assist Xiamen Port in handling large-scale international ships, said Wang Baoyu, deputy director of the port administration office of Xiamen.

The opening of the three new berths will contribute to the construction of the Southeast International Shipping Center and the Xiamen Area of China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone.

Why Xiamen

  • About Xiamen

    Xiamen is one of the most economically competitive cities in China and was one of the first Special Economic Zones on the Chinese mainland. As a vice-provincial city independently listed on the State development plan, it has provincial-level authority in economic administration and local legislative power. In 2010, the Xiamen SEZ was expanded to cover the entire municipality. Today, Xiamen is a modern and international port city.

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